Our Vision

To tell everyone about God’s Love.

Our Mission

To use this book as a vehicle to tell people about God’s Love for them.

About this Project

Our dream is to translate this book in as many languages as possible and distribute this book free of cost to people so that they may experience God’s Love and grow in their relationship with God.

About this Book

Many a times, we struggle while trying to find answers to our simple questions. This book will help you with answers to your simple questions about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and your relationship with God.

This book also has wonderful testimonies of God’s Glory in the lives of His children who have witnessed their joy in Jesus Christ.

There are powerful prayers in this book based on God’s Promises and the Word of God. You can refer to these prayers during your daily walk with God and rejoice in Him.

I am confident that you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed reading this book. Both the authors are known to me and they have consciously kept the language very simple such that it touches the heart of the common man. When you read this book, you will be filled with God’s Love, Peace and Joy.

Be blessed, stay blessed and be a blessing to others.

God bless you,
About the Authors

God whispered in a gentle still voice, “Tell everyone about My Love.”

And we sisters prayed to God – Loving Heavenly Father, lead us. Teach us Your ways and we will walk in Your paths. We trust in You with all our hearts. We do not lean on our own understanding. In all our ways, we acknowledge You and You shall direct our paths. Lord, into Your loving hands, we commit our lives.

We thank and praise God for His desire to use us as His instruments to reach out to His children with the message of His Love through this book.

We invite you to join us is taking God’s Love to many more people. Would you like to volunteer to translate sections of this book in your own language, for your own people?

Be blessed and be a blessing to all,
Paramita & Saraswati
We Need Your Help

We need people who would like to volunteer to translate sections of this book in their own languages. Few hours of your time for this work will enable many to experience God’s Love. Help us to help your community to know Christ.

If you want to share something or have questions, you can reach us at :

e-mail : info@godlovesyou.love

e-mail : questionsaboutgod2015@gmail.com

e-mail : QuestionsAboutGod2015@gmail.com

Or you can leave your message here for us….