Cherrie Abaya Blas

“Sleep is one of my small luxuries after a busy day at the hospital, mom duties and coping w/life’s unexpected curveballs. Imagine almost a month of dreams being alone in your home feeling lost and suddenly finding yourself pushing against


I am a Christian more than 10 years and as time went on spiritualizing my relationship with God. I did not realize that occupied much of my time doing things to get close to him , and that only distanced

Luna Koh

In my Church, we actually shared this book with all our English Department Cell Leaders (around 30 of them) for them to bless their members. Will be great to receiveother language versions as we have Tamil, Mandarin, Bahasa and Vietnamese


Very convenient app👍. Helps us do daily prayer at any point of time. You feel close to God. P eople don’t carry Bible everywhere but this app makes it easy…anytime anywhere whenever you want you can check your phone and