“Sleep is one of my small luxuries after a busy day at the hospital, mom duties and coping w/life’s unexpected curveballs. Imagine almost a month of dreams being alone in your home feeling lost and suddenly finding yourself pushing against the front door as something dark fights to get through …

I kept going to church, trying to pray about it, knowing instinctively these dreams were something more. But I felt so empty… I had no words, no feelings. Nothing.

Then one busy morning, my friend Dr Jasmin passes by my room. It was a surprise because we don’t have the same work schedule. She asked me how I was, and I told her about the dreams … and how empty I was, feeling so far from Him.

Dr. Jasmin hugged me tightly, prayed over me and with me… then she got my cell to download a prayer app that she said will help me. It was “God Loves You” … and she showed me how to use it.

That night, I opened the app and read through “Putting on the Armour of God.” That was the first I slept through the night. I slept so soundly I had missed various messages, texts and an overseas call!

It’s been 2 weeks, and I haven’t had any nightmares since then. My daughter and I, we use the app daily … in-between patients, while in the cab caught in traffic I read through all the prayers and scripture references attached. I now have a sense of calmness as I go through the days, and I know that while I sleep, I rest in Him who said “I have written your name on the palms of My hand.” (Isaiah 49:16)

Cherrie Abaya Blas

Cherrie Abaya Blas